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Is Time Travel Possible?

On March 17, 2012 By

Huh? You’re probably scratching your head and wondering, ‘I thought she writes about parenting, NOT science fiction! ‘ Well, I do. And today, we’re going to go on a different kind of a ride.

Because, quite frankly, I’m really just now discovering what it is that you are truly doing as a parent. And what you REALLY do, [...]

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Can Parenting Be A Partnership?

On January 13, 2012 By

I used to think that I had to do it all by myself.  By ‘it’, I mean just about everything.  I used to think that everything was up to me and I never allowed myself to receive that much support.  Crazy, huh?

And this was in every area of my life – relationships, health, [...]

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So, why would you ever want to release your expectations? Isn’t it your expectations that fuel your quality of life? Isn’t it your expectations of how your child should be acting that is defining your family values.

Maybe. But maybe not.

When you’re stressed about how everything SHOULD look or SHOULD be in a certain moment [...]

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My friend came over last night and she was totally at the end of her rope with her kid, whom she just left screaming with her husband.  She plopped herself down on the couch and just let it out, crying in between the words.  The feelings of utter disappointment and exasperation at parenting. How the [...]

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